Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fit Test Round 2

Well, Sunday's run/walk, while fun and pretty was apparently not the BEST idea I have ever had in terms of the fit test for insanity. Apparently my legs were PRETTY tired to say the least. However, I enjoyed the 5-4-3-2-1 run/walk that I completed and will definitely be doing it again!

Below are the results of the first and second fit tests. Latest results are bolded.

Switch kick:                           69                         64
Power squat:                         42                         32
Power knee (right):                60                         85
Power jump:                          20                         20
Globe jump:                            7                          9
Suicide jump:                         7                           8
Pushup Jack:                         8                          13
Plank:                                    33                          40

I never really got into a rhythm for the power squat which I think shows in the number. Biggest disappointment are the first two exercises. I feel like I should have at least stayed the same. I am most proud of the Pushup Jack number increasing. I have been doing them from my knees but you can't for this exercise. The increase of 5 seems huge to me!

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