Tuesday, August 20, 2013

False Start

Well last week didn't go as planned. Tuesday, life totally kicked me in the ass. And the week derailed from there. Some notes from last week:

1. I see your Crossfit and I raise you MOVING. Holy shit, I didn't work out all week and I feel like I lifted mass amounts of weights. Used muscles that had been dormant for years. I have a feeling even unpacking will be miserable.
2. Wrapping your dishes in newspaper seems like a legit plan until you go to unpack them. You have to  run them through the dishwasher before you can even use them. No paper our plastic? Time to eat out.
3. Our location is going to be an exercise in discipline. I live behind Publix. In that shopping center we have Sonic, Waffle House, Zaxby's (how can something so delicious be so bad for you!), a mexican restaurant, a chinese restaurant and a Domino's. SERIOUSLY?!?!
4. My neighborhood has sidewalks. I went on a lovely walk this morning. Needs to be better lit though. Half the street lights are out!

So the title of this post is False Start. Like in a race when someone jumps the gun and you have to go back to the line and start again. That is what I am calling last week.

Weigh in: 190.4 lbs.

Here is a picture of our house!

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