Sunday, August 25, 2013

God Bless the Cheat Day

Yesterday definitely did not start out as the cheat day. In fact, Friday night we went out for a friend's birthday who had planned a brewery tour and whirly ball but failed to factor in food and we ended up stopping for fast food so I had every intention of behaving yesterday. Nonetheless, it turned into a cheat day and it was a fabulous day so I'm hardpressed to feel bad about it.

I woke up and went exploring Acworth with a 45 minute walk. It was a gorgeous morning and my only regret is weighing enough that I'm not comfortable in shorts and a tank top to have enjoyed the weather. I discovered about a mile from our house a lovely walking trail through the woods; however, I'm not itching to try it alone any time soon.

Bryan slept in and I prepared a feast for our friends and ourselves to enjoy. Regret #2 : not taking a picture of my hard work. We even ate like adults at the dining room table- only the 3rd time in our relationship we have done it! Our morning feast consisted of:

  • Banana Pancakes sans pancake mix (literally just eggs and bananas- they taste like crepes and are packed with protein. Plus you don't feel sick after eating them. For every 2 people I did 2 eggs and a banana).
  • Strawberries (plain or with whipped cream or nutella- eaters choice).
  • Turkey Sausage
  • Homefries
  • Orange Juice or Coffee
It was delicious and kind of fun to cook for friends! The clean up part sucks but oh well. So, as you can see the day started out ok!

We loaded up Corey's truck and headed down to Acworth Beach (so named because it is the shoreline of Lake Acworth). There were TONS of kids there but we set up chairs and towels and laid out in the sun. How we have missed sun here in Georgia! It has been a truly wet summer.

Sam Adams Oktoberfest Beer. Yeah it was a liquid lunch. I only had two.

After the beach, Bryan and I came home and hosed off (quickly, I might add. Also separately for those of you getting ideas). Then we headed to Kennesaw to go to dinner and a movie. Nice little Saturday night! 

Bryan made the mistake of suggesting to me Mexican which is a vice of mine. He thought we could try the one in our shopping center; however, it is not yet open! So we headed down to Kennesaw and went to chain Mexican restaurant (tex mex really): On the Border. My dinner consisted of:
  • Cheese Dip and Tortilla chips
  • Steak Fajita Quesedilla
  • Water
I debated a Sangrai Margarita but I don't like to drink if Bryan isn't and since it was the night before a shift, he wasn't drinking. I just feel like it's not as fun to drink alone and also it almost rubs it in his face. And Margarita's have hella calories in them so it was really for the best.

We left On the Border to head to the movies and ended up seeing The Worlds End which was hysterical. I'm not much into British humor but the movie was damn funny and not just because it involved a pub crawl (5 guys, 12 bars, 60 beers and a sprinkling of shots). It also looked at aging, gettin your shit together and robots. So really, there wasn't much not to like. Of course at the movie, for the first time in FOREVER, I felt like I had to have a snack. So for dessert I opted for straight sugar in the form of sour patch kids.

Clearly, I have some making up to do but yesterday was such a wonderful day that I cannot even feel bad about it!

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